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Spectral.DNC - New hope to those who suffer from baldness and hair loss

Spectral DNC® is an advanced formulation that addresses nearly all of the known variables involved in hair loss. In addition to Minoxidil, Spectral.DNC includes other powerful hair re-growth agents such as Aminexil®, Adenosine, Procyanidin (B2 & C-1), T-Flavanone, as well as auxiliary agents Retinol, Copper Peptides, and a Vitamin and Mineral Complex. The active ingredients are delivered in a technologically advanced vehicle, in tiny micro-spheres called nanosomes.

Unlike other Minoxidil formulas which use regular Minoxidil (an oil soluble molecule) and are greasy and irritating, Spectral.DNC is created with Minoxidil Sulphate a much more costly form of Minoxidil that is water soluble and therefore does not require a high concentration of propylene glycol or alcohol. During the mixing process the sulphate ion separates leaving high purity Minoxidil. Spectral DNC® is faster and more effective then Rogaine® and Spectral DNC® works both on the vertex of the head and the frontal hair line. Spectral DNC® gives the best chance of growing normally thick and healthy hair and works on people who previously did not respond to Rogaine® treatment.

Spectral DNC has the following active ingredients:

  •     Minoxidil 5% (clinically proven to help re-grow hair; approved by the FDA in treating male-pattern hair loss for more then 15 years.)
  •     Aminexil SP94 (clinically proven to help re-grow hair; Aminexil is a patented molecule that is the result of over 10 years of research at L'Oreal laboratories. Research has indicated that hair loss is linked to the stiffening of the hair roots and Aminexil has been specifically developed to prevent the stiffening and premature aging of the roots.)
  •     Retinol (has been shown to improve the absorption and effectiveness of Minoxidil; Minoxidil and Retinol is often prescribed together by dermatologists)
  •     Vitamin Complex (accelerates the metabolism of the hair follicle)
  •     Herbal Extracts (provides circulation and nutrition to the affected tissues)
  •     Nanosomes (microscopic capsules deliver active ingredients deeper into the tissue)
  •     NEW - Adenosine (powerful hair regrowth agent, similar action to Minoxidil with no side effects, click here for clinical study)
  •     NEW - Procyanidin B-1 and C-2 (hair regrowth agent with no side effects, exceptional results when combined with minoxidil, click here for laboratory study)


For external use only.

Use twice per day. Apply 10 sprays of Spectral DNC® and rub it into your scalp. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water after applying Spectral DNC®. If your hair loss is due to male pattern baldness, the continued use will be necessary to maintain the new hair growth. If the cause of hair loss is related to other factors then it is possible to completely discontinue the use of Spectral DNC® and retain the newly grown hair.


Spectral DNC contains strong vasodilator compounds increasing the absorption of Minoxidil and some people may experience a higher sensitivity to Minoxidil side effects. You should not use Spectral DNC if you have low blood pressure or are taking blood pressure lowering medications. People with heart failure or significant coronary heart disease should avoid Spectral DNC® because of these side effects.

The most common side effects are redness and irritation of the scalp.

Pregnancy: Spectral DNC® should not be used in pregnancy and by nursing women.



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